Jan 16

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Bobby Reuse: Thoughts of a first time Champion at 43

2013 Open Sportsman Track Champion, Bobby Reuse celebrates one of his wins in victory lane at Montgomery Motor Speedway.

2013 Open Sportsman Track Champion, Bobby Reuse celebrates one of his wins in victory lane at Montgomery Motor Speedway.

Bobby Reuse, a veteran road and short track racer, has offered his thoughts on winning his first career championship in 2013.

Thoughts of a first time Champion at 43.
by: Bobby Reuse

Sitting here at 730am, the morning after, I have a million thoughts running thru my head about the next race, next season, changes to all the cars and where we go from here. What’s next?

Then my thoughts turned to a need to stop and reflect.

Wow, what a year. First off I got married to Lisa on Jan 1st and I told her I would take a year off to just be married. Hmm, well as racers wives across this country know all to well, that is just hard to do when you have the means and sometimes when you don’t.

All year we have had a bunch of different guys and gals help this season to get as many as 3 cars ready to race. As I learned last night, working on these cars is extremely hard and sometimes even disappointing and frustrating not always providing the results you deserve.

A few years ago when BIR closed we were off racing Late Models and Road Race cars all across the country. I remember thinking that Montgomery was shutdown also. So much for the Reuses having a “local” track. Then came the Knoxes and they re-opened MMS. Then in 2011 they moved Paul into the Managment position.

My father who passed away in 2006 got into round track racing in the late 70’s helping Stanley Smith all the way up to his Cup days in the mid 90’s. We have fielded over 60 different cars out of our shop since 1982. Dads passion for racing which was passed onto us as well as strong moral upbringing by both our parents has shaped and molded my brother and I into who we are today.

I have always been my brothers biggest fan and enjoyed working for him on his cars for many many years. This season he took a full on backseat role in AIR Company(Adventures In Racing) and allowed myself and my kids and Sam to focus on this new class at MMS.

Every racer wants to race and they want to win, but when we Road Race and when I have won or placed in the top 3, we pull into the tech line and get out. Thats it except you shake the other two’s hand and talk about the race. After tech they hand you your plach and your done. No fans no announcer no cheering crowd. This is not the short track way.

In 2013 I won the MMS Open Sportsman Track Championship with 3 wins, 2 seconds and a broke while leading 6th. While at times the car counts were low, we showed up to all seven races and competed against whatever competitors choose to attend. Then my daughter jumps into the car and runs faster than she has all year. Girl turning out to be a dang good driver. Next year outta be fun.

To my wife, my crew, especialy Wayne and Sam, to the Knox brothers and Paul and his staff, my family, TO THE FANS, and everyone of the competitors who raced with me or in any division, I say a huge Thank You, because racing cars at MMS or in NASCAR is TEAM sport. Everyone is part of that team and makes all of this possible for each us to do what we love so much.

So if you are a racer, take a moment or a few moments and thank those that make it possible for you to compete at whichever race track you choose.

Now I return me to my regularly scheduled Sunday thoughts of how to get faster for the next race. After last night I have a track record to get back, dang it. Great job last night by all of the Open Sportsman guys. What a fantastic race.

“I do it because I love it, even when the results are disappointing!”

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