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2017 Pro Late Model

2017 Pro Late Model Rules Montgomery Motor Speedway (Revised 12-15-16)

Speedway officials retain the right to determine eligibility.

*The rules and/or regulations set forth herein provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements of such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all such events. All participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. Rules are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant.

* Speedway Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. *Speedway reserves the right to update, modify, and/or delete rules at any time deemed necessary to insure safety, fair competition or any other reason that may be appropriate.

*Cars, parts and or equipment will not be considered as having been approved by having passed through inspection at any time or number of times unobserved or undetected.

*Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the officials. Any decision of and by Speedway Officials is final. *Unsportsmanlike-like conduct can carry a minimum $100.00 fine and/or suspension. Any and all fines will be added to the point’s fund at the end of the racing season. Drivers are responsible for their crews and family

*Illegal parts can and may be confiscated by tech officials (If you don’t want to lose it don’t bring it)


  1. These rules are intended to produce a fair and competitive field of cars and are subject to change as needed, without notification or justification. MMS Management reserves the right to refuse any competitor without reason or justification. The intent and interpretation of the rules will be the decision of the Race Officials and MMS. If there are any questions regarding the legality of any part(s), the burden of proof lies with the competitor. All race tires will be impounded before every race. NOTE: All cars must comply with the rules set forth in Montgomery Motor Speedway rule book to be eligible for competition. Any and all cars and car parts are subject to MMS technical inspection processes. MMS is not required to follow any other sanctioning bodies or manufacturers guidelines in its inspection processes.

2.Top 5 inches of windshield is reserved for division sponsor. Sponsor decal provided by MMS. Failure to display division sponsor may be grounds for forfeiture of purse and points for event

  1. Contingency sponsors decals must be displayed in designated areas on race car in original form to receive Gift certificates, Prize Monies etc. From Contingency Sponsors
  2. All cars must meet track noise level specification of 100 db at 100 Ft. (Rev. 12/10/16)

1 BODY  : Refer to CURRENT ABC Rulebook for all body rules.

1.1 All panels must have ABC Stickers.

1.2 Six and one-half inch (6 ½”) spoiler maximum.

1.3 No Down force Bodies.

1.4 Four inch (4”) Ground Clearance on body (nose and rockers) before qualifying

1.5 No under panning or grounds effects allowed. No Exceptions

1.6 Muscle body Camaro, Mustang and Dodge bodies are approved. MMS track officials reserve the right to add or give weight breaks for Muscle body Camaro, Mustang and Dodge bodies.

      2 SAFETY:

2.1 Fuel cell required and MUST be in center of car. 22 gallon maximum. It must not be lower than rear housing. Mandatory fuel shutoff, Oberg #SV-0828 required.

2.2 Left side window net required.

2.3 Seat belt and shoulder harness required. All belts must be quick release. Harness must be type that comes individually over both shoulders. Racing seat only. Seat must be bolted or welded to roll cage.

2.4 Two (2) drive shaft supports are required. No carbon fiber drive shafts permitted. Drive shaft must be painted white.

2.5 Fire suits, Gloves, Approved Helmet , Head and Neck restraint are required

2.6 Roll bars minimum 1 ¾ inch tubing with .095 thickness wall.

2.7 Must have minimum 2-pound fire extinguisher with a gauge and a quick release mounted securely in car within reach of driver while belted in car.

2.8 All weight (lead) must be mounted above frame/inside frame rail with a minimum of two (2) ½ inch bolts. All weights are to be painted white or florescent with the car # painted on each piece. Any driver that loses any lead from his/her car will be fined $10.00 per pound payable prior to any further competition. This rule is in effect during race day or practice days. No Titanium.

2.9 Lines to fuel pressure gauge must be steel braided type.

2.10 TRACK OFFICIALS must approve all safety equipment.



3.1 Minimum wheelbase of 101” (inches).

3.2 Engine may be moved rearward so the #1 plug is no more than 4 inches behind the left ball joint. No further back.

3.3 Maximum tread width 66, Perimeter cars 67” Max tread width. (Must have conventional steering for 1” addition)

3.4 Ground clearance to frame, MUST BE a minimum of 3 inches with driver.

3.5 Engine crankshaft must be no less than 10 inches from ground with driver.

3.6 No 5th Coil or lift bar suspensions will be permitted. No birdcage set-ups of any kind (3 or 4 link). trailing arms must mount to rear end in a solid fashion (heim Allowed) and no part of the trailing arm mounting may freely rotate around the rear end.

3.7 No traction control devices, Electronic or otherwise , will be permitted. Use of traction control will be cause for immediate disqualification. Loss of points and purse for the event and possible suspension for multiple events.

        4 AIR BOXES:

4.1 2.5” X 20” Max opening in cowl

4.2 16” Maximum element allowed

        5 IGNITION:

5.1 All cars will use crane cams ignition / full tray complete kit; Part # (6000-6701) Must be mounted on passenger side dash with coil facing the driver. As far to right side A post as possible.

5.2 All Ford crate engines (M0067-D347- SR) will use 6300 RPM Rev Limiter.

5.3 All Chevy Crate Engines will use a 6400 RPM Rev Limiter.

5.4 All built engines will use a 6900 RPM Rev Limiter

5.5 Distributors are optional (any type – No Magnetos)


6.1 Engines may be interchanged within different car bodies. No Aluminum Blocks Allowed

6.2 Flat top pistons with (0) zero deck clearance. Maximum cubic inch 360.

6.3 Any type of Flat Tappet cam.

6.4 Roller camshaft allowed. (see weight rules)

6.5 Lifter MUST be stock size for engine.

6.6 Any type magnetic steel rod – NO ALUMINUM ROD. 6.25 inch Max. Length.

6.7 Dry Sump permitted. (see weight rules)

6.8 Heads must be strictly stock with no less than 62 C.C.’s. (see weight rules)

6.9 461 or 461X head allowed. No SB2 Chevy or equivalent Ford or Dodge allowed.

6.10 “Dart Heads” permitted. (see weight rules)

6.11 Valve seats can be cut for 2.02 valve.

6.12 No porting or polishing of heads anywhere. No debarring. (see weight rules)

6.13 FORD:– Part # M-6049-N351 or Part # M9429C358. Valves: intake 2.20. Exhaust 1.60. 62cc Runner cc 190 – 195

6.14 CHEVY: 492: Part # 3987376 Valves: Intake 2.02 Exhaust 1.60 62cc; Vortek: Part #12529093 Valves: Intake 2.02 Exhaust 1.60 62cc; Bow Tie: Part # 10134392 Valves: Intake 2.02 Exhaust 1.60 62cc. Runner cc 190-195

6.15 Intake can be Holly #300-38, Edelbrock #5001 or #2912 or Victor Jr. with no more than 2275cc.Ford permitted to use Victor Torque part #2980, #2981, #2940 or #2941. Weiand X-celerator #7515. Chrysler may use Victor XX-2 or Weiand X-celerator #7545. May use Two-Barrel Edelbrock intake #2901 or #2913

6.16 No vacuum leaks between intake valve and top of carburetor.

6.17 Any adapter (Any aluminum spacer plate with (2) holes not to exceed 1.687 (No tapering or beveling of any kind. Holes must be perpendicular to mounting surface) must be centered on intake.

6.18 Adapter plate and gaskets cannot exceed 1 ½ inch in thickness.

6.19 Chevrolet 3.48/3.50 stroke crank (see weight rules)


7.1 Full standard type transmission only will be permitted. No quick-change transmissions will be permitted. Automatic transmissions will not be permitted. Crate engine teams may use their transmission rules with no weight penalty.

7.2 A minimum of one reverse and two forward gears will be required.

7.3 Multi-disc clutches will be permitted. No direct drives. Conventional clutch mounted to fly wheel only will be permitted. Any transmission that does not meet these guidelines may be assessed a minimum 25 lbs penalty.

7.4 No carbon fiber or nonstandard material clutches. The minimum clutch diameter is 5.5”. No “slipper” or “centrifugal” clutches allowed.

7.5 Driveshaft must be equipped with a minimum of two (2) safety straps and must be painted white. Drive shafts must be made of aluminum or steel only and must not consist of any other materials (i.e. carbon fiber, etc.)


8.1 2 Barrel Track carburetor: Holley 4412 must have stock base plate with bore size 1 11/16 or 1.687, no HP carburetors permitted. You may change jets and power valves. No other modifications of any kind will be considered legal. NO EXCEPTIONS.

        9 CRATE ENGINES:

9.1 The following crate engines are approved: GM part # 88958602; GM part # 88958603; GM part # 88958604; Ford part # M6007-D347; All Ford Crate engines must run 1.5 rocker arms (Aftermarket type approved) No Spacer allowed under carburetor. McGunegill Ford # ASA 425 LM; Must run 1.5 rocker arms. No spacer under carburetor. Dodge part #5007958; May run 1’ aluminum spacer 4 hole opening of 1 11/16 / 1.690 hole size. Holes must be perpendicular to mounting surface. Crate engines may be refreshed but must retain all manufacturers’ specifications. No reground cams. Maximum compression 10.0. Crate Motors must have original seals or must have S.E.A.L authorized rebuilder seals or must add 50 lbs to total Weight

9.2 Engines must remain same as stock except for updates and rebuilds. All tear downs, protest and inspections will refer to GM Crate Tech rebuild manual. (Yellow Book)

9.3. Champ Oil Pan #CP 106LTRB approved (NO weight penalty)

9.4. GM small style crate balancer approved (NO weight penalty) Aftermarket balancer approved (NO weight penalty)

9.5 Chevy 604 crate engines only: Bee Hive valve springs yellow or blue from GM or PHM #941. Must use stock GM, or competition cam valve spring retainers only. (NO weight penalty)

9.6 Chevy 604 crate engines only: May run 1.6 stock or aftermarket rocker arms permitted. MUST be 3/8’s stud size only. (No weight penalty)


10.1 Must run Holley carburetor model # 4150, part # 805411 650 CFM 4-barrel. This carburetor must pass all track gauges and tech tools. You may change jets, air bleed jets, and power valves. No other modifications of any kind will be considered legal.


11.1 All GM crate engines may run 1 inch aluminum spacer under carburetor. Open or 4 hole type allowed or VDL tapered spacer only. 1 paper gasket per side not to exceed .065 in thickness

        12 TIRE AND WHEELS:

12.1 WHEELS – 10 inches wide. Steel Wheels Only. No half sizes.

12.2 TIRES – Hoosiers F-45’s.

12.3 . No soaking or altering of tire in any manor allowed. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete at Speedway. Any illegal tire, in the judgment of Speedway Officials, will be confiscated.

12.4 No Air Bleeds

12.5 All race tires will be impounded for every race in 2017.

12.6: Anything other than air or nitrogen found in tires will be confiscated and the driver will forfeit his/her race money and divisional points for that race. NO Exceptions!

        13 WEIGHT:

13.1 GM Crate Motors 602 and 603 – 2650 lbs.

13.2 GM Crate 604 with original cam 2725 lbs.

13.3 GM Crate 604 with Chevrolet Performance Fast Burn upgrade cam                                                    part #24502586 2750 lbs

13.4 Ford Crate # M6007-D347 2750 lbs.

13.5 Dodge Crate #P5007958 2750 lbs.

13.6 McGunegill ASA Ford 425 LM engine 2750 lbs.

13.7. No Tungsten or similar exotic weight allowed.

13.8 358 ci flat tappet cam, DART 62 cc steel head, no port or polish on heads 2750 lbs.

13.9 358 ci roller cam, DART 62 cc steel head, no port or polish on heads 2800 lbs.

13.10 358 ci flat tappet cam any cc steel head, no port or polish on heads 2800 lbs.

13.11 358 ci roller cam any cc steel head, no port or polish on heads 2850 lbs.

13.12 358 ci roller cam any cc steel head, ported and polished heads 2900 lbs.

13.13 358 ci Alum head 9.5 to 1 2900 lbs.

13.14 Anyone running something other than a stock stroke crank must add 50 lbs to their total.

13.15 Any built/machine shop engine running a dry sump system must add 25 lbs. to their total.

13.16 No SB2 engines

13.17 58.0%left side weight. Anything over 58% will be disqualified. No Exceptions!

13.18 MMS officials have the right to add lead or make any change to level up the field!


14.1 Can remove right side door bars

14.2 Can have aluminum interior

14.3 Get an extra 1” of tread width. Must have a conventional steering box to get extra 1”.

           15 PROTESTS:

15.1 All protest must be filed no later than 15 minutes after display of checkered flag of that event, in writing. No exceptions!



16.1 Rules apply for all divisions.

16.2 Protest must be at scales immediately after the feature. Once protest is filed, it will not and cannot be withdrawn.

16.3 When protested and found illegal, you will lose all points and monies for that night. If you admit to being wrong and don’t tear down, you lose all points and monies for that night and will be issued a fine in the amount of $250.00. Each additional time you are protested and found wrong, the fine will increase by $50.00 and you lose all points and monies for that night.

16.4 When protesting, you must also tear down first. All protests must be made at scales immediately following that division of racing.

             17 PROTEST COST:

17.1 Speedway keeps 25%, win or lose.

17.2. $1,500.00 Protest Fee. Must specify protested item. Protester must tear down first. Speedway keeps 25%, win or lose.

            18 GENERAL POLICIES:

18.1 Two-way radios mandatory. Each team must scan the Montgomery Motor Speedway racing frequency.

18.2 All teams must notify race control of team radio frequency used in competition.

18.3 All teams must have a spotter in spotter area when cars are in competition

         19 FUEL:

19.1 Must run Montgomery Motor Speedway track fuel only. No Exceptions.

19.2 Minimum 10 gallon purchase


FYI Revised 1-4-17


Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) Announce Changes for Sake of Parity

Chevrolet 604 Engine allowed a cam upgrade or weight break to offset recent Ford upgrades


Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) announced today, a change in rules regarding the Chevrolet 604 crate engine.  In the last year, the Ford packages received an upgrade in the ring/piston package that was necessary due to a supplier’s discontinued part.  As a result of the change, there was a measured increase in performance.  To aid in a return to parity, and following extensive research, teams will be allowed a cam change in the Chevrolet 604.

S.E.A.L. approved rebuilders will now be allowed to install the Chevrolet Performance Fast Burn upgrade cam part ##24502586.  This cam upgrade provides a mild horsepower increase that puts the Ford and Chevy engines back on a level playing field in the area of performance.  This change comes as a result of multiple back to back dyno comparisons, utilizing multiple dynos for verification.

To aid teams that will NOT have a chance to make this change prior to the start of their racing, Chevrolet teams that do NOT have the cam upgrade will be allowed a 25lb weight deduction.  These guidelines go into effect immediately.

S.E.A.L. is an organization founded in 2008 to oversee the sealed engines used in Super Late Model racing, which has led to consistency and substantial cost savings for the racers.  Racing officials from North and South make up the organization which more recently moved forward with efforts to unify and nationally recognize a group of certified re-builders for pavement crate late model racing.  The S.E.A.L. leaders also oversee the rules packages that lead to parity for all approved crate engines.



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