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2018 MADD MAXX 4 Cylinder Enduro Road Race

2018 MADD MAXX 4 Cylinder Enduro Road Race


2018 4 Cylinder Enduro Rules 

This Enduro race is designed for participants to have fun and get the opportunity to test their skills on a road course at Montgomery Motor Speedway. Participants are encouraged to decorate their cars and establish a theme for their cars. Cars are to remain stock and all efforts to make the race vehicle as safe as possible should be exercised any areas not covered in the rules are to remain stock and unaltered.



  1. Engine must be stock for make and model.
  2. Naturally aspirated engines only. No Turbo or Superchargers. No Nitrous or exotic fuels allowed.
  3. No modifications or High performance parts allowed.
  4. PCM/ECU must be stock for make, model, and year. NO After Market performance chips or “Re-Flashed” PCMs. Both OBD I and OBD II hook up must be in an accessible area, and operational.
  5. No manipulating of cam timing outside of the stock actions.
  6. Stock intake and air filter. No cold air intake
  7. Aftermarket headers allowed.
  8. Only Air-conditioning, Emission equipment may be removed.
  9. Must meet track sound regulations of 100db at 100 ft.
  10. Stock fuel system may be used.

Eligible cars

  1. Front wheel drive 4 cylinder cars only
  2. 2 or 4 door vehicles
  3. Standard and automatic transmission allowed
  4. Battery may be moved to trunk or in the driver’s compartment. If in the drivers compartment it must be in a contained battery box.
  5. All glass must be removed. Stock front windshield may remain. Wind shield may be replaced with Poly carbonate material (Lexan).
  6. All carpet, seats, side paneling, and head liner must be removed.
  7. All lights must be removed. Head light and tail light openings may be covered.
  8. Doors must be securely fastened by welding or chains
  9. Trunk and hood must be secured after tech
  10. NO cutting or hulling except to accommodate racing seat, door bars, and roll cage

  Cooling System

  1. Stock for Make and Mode,l No Coolant (Water Wetter Permitted)
  1. System must be stock. NO aftermarket radiators.
  2. No external transmission coolers
  3. No engine oil coolers
  1. Suspension
    1. Stock suspension and springs for make, model and year.
    2. No lowering blocks or spacers allowed.
    3. Stock wheel size must be used for make and model
    4. Must be D.O.T. approved street tires. No slicks No exotic high performance tires. 300 tire wear rating
    5. No external Bracing.
  2. Safety
    1. Racing type seats are allowed and recommended. Must install 4 or 5 point racing harness. Must be securely mounted. Bar may be welded behind seat to secure shoulder belts.
    2. Roll cage highly recommended
    3. All steering wheels must have 2” of padding on the center top section of the steering wheel.
    4. All holes in the fire wall and floor must be covered.
    5. Operational fire extinguisher must be installed in the car within drivers reach.
    6. Full face helmet required. Head and neck restraints are strongly recommended
    7. Mirrors allowed

$100 entry fee per car. All drivers and personnel in pits must buy pit pass and sign waiver. All cars must run MMS Transponder. Teams may have 2 different drivers. Driver swap must take place in pit area and driver must be checked by MMS official before returning to competition. Cars may not carry passengers. All drivers must fill out 2018 Drivers registration.

Payoff for up to 15 cars

  1. $500
  2. $300
  3. $150

Payoff for 15 or more cars

  1. $1000
  2. $ 300
  3. $ 150
  4. $ 100
  5. $  50

2018 Race Dates

March 10, 2018 Spring Fling


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