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General / Race Procedures REVISED



  1. Upon admittance to a restricted area, all participants must conduct themselves in a manner not detrimental to stock car racing. Profanity in front of race fans, officials, management, profane signs or writing on cars, etc., will not be tolerated and may subject the offending party to[1] penalties. Conduct in Social Media deemed detrimental to Montgomery Motor Speedway, its officials or sponsors may subject the driver or team to penalties or sanctions. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT AND/OR CONDUCT DETRIMENTAL TO THE SPORT OF AUTO RACING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  2. Verbal or physical abuse of officials, including improper language or actions will result in penalties.
  3. Fighting will not be tolerated. Drivers will be held responsible for the conduct of all persons connected with their car, and violations will be dealt with accordingly. Any person from a crew, including the driver, going to another pit area or competitors’ car where any altercation erupts, will be considered at fault and will be subject to penalties.
  4. Any driver who, in the judgment of series officials, engages in rough driving, deliberately running into, blocking or swerving in front of another car – may be subject to penalties. Any car intentionally blocking the track will subject the owner and driver to immediate and indefinite suspension from the Track/Series.
  5. Any driver who intentionally causes a caution by stopping, spinning, or any other action, is subject to 2-lap penalty.
  6. Crewmembers are not allowed on the racetrack at any time. Pit crew, drivers, or track officials are not allowed to service cars on the racing surface without specific permission from race control.
  7. No one is allowed in the tower without permission at any time. You will be subject to severe penalties. Race Director will be available at end of night.




  1. All divisions must register with scoring in the tech shed at each event. Registration will close fifteen (15) minute prior to divisions drivers meeting. If you have not registered by then you will either be required to qualify first or you start at the rear of your first event if you do not have qualifying.
  2. Pro Late Model and Modified of Mayhem qualifying order will be set by draw when you register with scoring. Qualifying order will be posted in the tech shed showing qualifying tech groups and times.
  3. Divisions running transponders will get them at registration. You must leave a valid Drivers License with scoring that will be held until the transponder is returned at the conclusion of the days events. You will be required to use an AMB pouch or clip to secure the transponder on the left rear frame rail of the car. They are available for purchase at the registration table. If you have a personal transponder, please disable it prior to going on track.
  4. Transponder must be on car for any on track activity when they are made available to your class.
  5. Divisions that receive two timed laps will have an official time once they have taken the white flag. If you are unable to attempt a lap at your spot in line you will be placed on a five-minute clock to present car for your lap(s). There will be no requalifying.
  6. For classes that do not have qualifying orders once the last car in line leaves stop and go no other cars will be allowed to join the line.
  7. Pole Sitter or winner of the first heat race will roll a die or drivers will draw numbers to determine invert or feature lineup.
  8. Previous race winner can start no better than 6th for local divisions. Should race winner miss an event they would start no better than 7th at next attended event behind previous weeks winner.
  9. Unless a majority of the field has completed a lap scoring will revert to the last completed lap for restart lineup. This is at the sole discretion of the Race Director.
  10. Once fifty percent of the total laps are completed the race is considered official.
  11. Finishing positions will be determined according to the most laps completed (including those earned through announced race procedures) in the least time, regardless of whether the car is running.
  12. Protests to finishing positions in any race must be made within fifteen (15) minutes after the un-official results are posted. Such protests must be in writing and must be given to the Chief Scorer or Race Director.
  13. Scoring re-check decisions are final, and cannot be appealed or litigated.
  14. Results are not official, and no purse will be sent out until Tuesday following the race event. In the event of a protest or some other delay in the results of a class being made official, such as but not limited to tire sample testing, no purse will be sent out until all test results are back and results are made official.


  1. Inspections, Mechanical Protests
  1. Track officials may require an inspection of any vehicle at any time. Any part deemed illegal by tech officials is subject to confiscation.
  2. Vehicles placing in the first three positions must present themselves at the inspection station immediately after the conclusion of the feature race for such inspection and must not work on the car in any fashion until told to do so by a tech official. Track reserves the right to hold and inspect more cars.
  3. A competitor must take whatever steps are required, including a complete tear down of the car, as requested by series officials to facilitate inspection of the car.
  4. Failure to present a car for inspection when requested to do so, or refusal to take steps requested by series officials, will be considered an admission of guilt and will be grounds for disqualification.
  5. Any cars disqualified from the event by the Technical Inspector will forfeit all points and money for that event. You must also start on the rear of the next heat or feature the car starts in.
  6. Protests regarding alleged mechanical infractions must be made within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the event. The written protest must specify, in detail, a single, specific part or rule that is in violation, and be given to the Chief Technical Inspector or Race Director, along with a fee of $300 per item, $800 for top end motor protests and $1500 for bottom end motor protests. 25% of the fee will be retained by the track for administrative costs. The remaining goes to the winner of the protest.
  7. At tracks discretion a protested motor can be impounded and inspection done later at a time and place agreeable to all parties.
  8. The driver filing the protest is subject to the same inspection of the protested item.
  9. A protest may only be filed against a car in the top 3 by a competitor finishing in the top 5. Track officials reserve the right to refuse any protest at their sole discretion.


  1. Common Technical Rules
  1. Sunoco is the Spec fuel for all late model events. A minimum fuel purchase will be required at some events. Fuel samples may be taken at any time and tested. Alcohol, nitro-methane, nitrous oxide, other oxygenating agents, other additives and/or fuels that contain masking agents or oxygen are not permitted. Use of such substances or additives will result in immediate disqualification and loss of any money and points. The only other fuel allowed will be commercially available pump gas. Use of any fuel that contains oxygen is prohibited!!!
  2. Bleeders are not allowed. Use of tire softening or altering agents is not permitted. Use of such substances will result in immediate disqualification and suspension. Tire samples can be taken after any event and sent for testing.
  3. Vehicles must have 4-wheel hydraulic brakes.
  4. No traction control devices, electronic or otherwise, will be permitted. Use of traction control will be cause for immediate disqualification and suspension from future racing activities. No driver adjustments other than ONE adjuster for brakes.
  5. One Ignition Box Only. Must be located on right side of car with rev-limiter facing outward.
  6. No “U” Shaped Fuel Cells or non-standard shaped fuel cells.
  7. No Data Acquisition equipment/wiring is allowed in the car on officially recognized race or practice days.
  8. D. Penalties
  1. Penalties for violations of the rules are determined by the gravity of the violation and/or its effects on fairness of competition. They may also be weighted as to discourage future infractions of a similar nature. Penalties may include, but are not limited to, lap penalties, position penalties, disqualification, suspension, fines, and/or loss of points.       A suspension may be for a determined period of time or number of events, indefinite or remainder of a season.
  1. Event Rules
  1. All Pro Late Model, Modifieds of Mayhem, and Late Model Sportsman teams are required to have a spotter in the designated spotters stand during feature events. Spotter must have the ability to monitor race control. All other classes will be required to wear raceceivers anytime they are on track.
  2. When supplied, teams are required to use window and contingency stickers in their designated and mandated position. Failure to do so may result in a monetary penalty or loss of contingency eligibility. Select windshield stickers and decals may be absolutely required to participate in an event.
  1. All cars must go through tech for safety inspection the first time the car competes at the track each season. This will include inspection of all personal safety equipment.
  2. Pro Late Models and Modifieds of Mayhem cars must go through tech inspection at each event before practice. Any infractions must be checked off prior to qualifying tech opening. Failure to do so could result in loss of qualifying lap for same infraction in qualifying tech.
  3. Pro Late Model and Modified of Mayhem tires will be impounded and will be released prior to qualifying tech. There will be no jacking up or lifting of the car period once qualifying tires are installed.
  4. All classes must start the feature on the tires you qualify or Heat Race on or you must start on the rear. Officials reserve the right to make exceptions in certain situations.
  5. Cars involved in a “Trophy Dash” may use a different set of tires than the set that they qualified or heat raced on.
  6. For classes required to go thru tech prior to qualifying it is the drivers responsibility to know when you need to be in line. Failure to be at tech in your time slot could result in loss of a qualifying lap.
  7. Normal race programs can consist of any combination of practice, qualifications (1or 2 laps),”Trophy Dash”, last-chance race, heat races and feature as announced by officials. Race lineup can also be set by practice speed, random draw or from season points.
  8. Final practice session times may be used for qualification purposes on classes utilizing transponders should unforeseen circumstance dictate the necessity during the event. Final session practice times may be scheduled in advance to replace traditional qualifying.
  9. A driver, with his car, must either practice or qualify, to be eligible to start the feature. The only exception is with prior approval.
  10. A driver may qualify only one (1) car, and a car may be qualified only one (1) time for a race program. If a car is scratched following a successful qualifying attempt, a driver may qualify another car, provided that car has not yet qualified.
  11. All driver changes from the time registration starts, must be reported to a track official prior to that driver taking to the track. Any driver change prior to start of a race and after qualifying will result in that car starting at the rear of field. Failure to notify of a change will result in loss of money and points.
  12. Lineups for races and qualifying order will be posted in the tech shed. It is the responsibility of the driver to check his or her qualifying or starting position and be ready when called for an event. Cars not in position when field rolls may be placed at the rear of the starting lineup or disqualified from the event.
  13. Drivers that wish to go to the rear will go to their original position. On the pace lap pull to the side and let the field go by. That row will just advance forward.
  14. Any car that loses a wheel, has a hood or trunk lid come off or open, or is observed dragging dangerous parts, or dropping any fluid, is subject to a black flag at the discretion of the officials.
  15. Driver must remain with any disabled car to assist track removal.
  16. All cars must keep a reasonable speed. If you are unable to maintain a reasonable speed you will be given one opportunity to pit for adjustments or repairs and return to competition. If you still cannot maintain reasonable speed you will be parked for the remainder of the event.
  17. Three unassisted spins and you will be parked for the remainder of the event.
  18. Officials may alter the rules or procedures at any time in the interest of fairness and/or safety.


  1. Any situation not specifically covered in these rules will be acted upon by the official or officials in charge at the time, whose decision will be final and binding on all participants.
  2. Any disagreement over technical questions or operations will be resolved by track officials. When their decision is made, such decision is final and binding.
  3. Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes which cannot be anticipated at the time rules are formulated. If necessary, rules may be updated, changed, deleted or added to at the discretion of the officials.
  4. Officials may use weight penalties for any infractions of these rules in an effort to make a car eligible to compete.
  5. At certain events, to encourage participation of competitors from other tracks to compete, the officials may alter the rules for those cars, to try and create a level playing field for cars that might fall outside of the normal rules. Official’s decisions are final.
  6. In the event of an excessive number of caution laps, or due to curfew, track officials reserve the right to count 3-5 laps per caution period toward race distance or to shorten the number of laps of any events. If the total laps are cut we will notify you via race control and attempt to complete at least 5 more laps.


    1. Approved seat belts and double shoulder harness will be required, no older than five (5) years. A crotch strap will be required. Sternum strap recommended.
    2. Pro Late Models and Modified of Mayhem drivers will not be allowed on the racetrack at any time without proper neck restraints in place. They are highly recommended for all other divisions.
    3. Helmet should be 2010 Snell standard or better and have sticker visible for inspection.
    4. Approved, clean full driving suit and gloves for fire protection are mandatory and must be worn at all times. Fire proof shoes are highly recommended.
    5. All cars must have a working fire suppression system (preferred) or, at minimum, a driver accessible fire extinguisher at least two pounds in size. Gauges for extinguishers must be easily visible for inspection.
    6. Side plate for driver’s door will be mandatory. Must be 18 inches (18”) high post-topost, 1/8” minimum thickness steel and be securely welded or bolted.
    7. Driver’s window must be equipped with safety net with quick release-latch, no older than five (5) years. Window Net must be large enough to protect driver from debris and keep limbs inside car. When latched, the window net must fit and pull tight.
    8. Resilient padding designed for roll bar use is highly recommended and should be installed on any roll cage member which can be reached by any extremity of the driver while driver is normally seated with restraints fastened. At a minimum a full door pad should be used. Steering wheel must be padded.
    9. All lead weights must be painted white, with the car number painted on each individual piece and be visible from the top. All lead weights must be securely fastened with minimum half inch bolts. Any lost weight may result in a $10 per pound fine. No Tungsten or similar weight allowed!
    10. All competing teams must possess a minimum 10 lb. Aluminum working fire extinguisher while in attendance in pits, and this item must be presented at inspection.       Car number must be painted on fire extinguisher.
    11. A main electrical cut-off switch needs to be clearly marked and easily accessible to safety crews. It must be located in the center of car in clear view, or must be mounted on roll bar behind driver within reach of window. “On” and “Off” switch must be clearly marked.
    12. Numbers must be a minimum of 24” in height, in a contrasting color to the car. Drivers may be asked to outline numbers unreadable from the tower. A number will be required on top, readable from the infield.
    13. No part of any cooling system may be located in driver’s compartment.
    14. Batteries must be securely fastened and mounted outside of driver’s compartment
    15. All cars must have an OBERG, SRI or other track approved Vacuum Style fuel shut off placed at the point the fuel exits the cell. Fuel shut off cannot have any internal plastic components. All rear deck lids must be full width and be secured with a quick release type of pin.
    16. A driver that stops on the track should not get out of their car until safety crews arrive, unless a dangerous situation with fire exists. If involved in an incident, please lower window net to signal you are ok and wait for safety crew.
  • Any competitor suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics must submit to testing by track security. Failure to comply or if found to be under the influence you will be suspended.


  Race Procedures

  1. Starts
  1. Initial start will be in the box on the front straight. Flagman will start the race. Front row should stay side by side until the green waves. Jumping the start will result in a black flag for a pass through penalty.
  2. If a caution occurs before the completion of the first lap there will be a complete restart. All cars retain position unless they pit or receive assistance from the safety crew.
  3. On a complete restart if a car drops out or goes to the rear that line will just advance forward.


  1. Yellow Flags
    1. Caution laps do not count. You cannot lose a lap under caution.
  • Do not race back to yellow. Get single file behind pace car.


  1. No scuffing when workers are on track. Stay in a straight line.
  2. After a lap is completed the lineup will revert to the last completed lap. Those involved in the caution as well as anyone that pits will restart on the tail. If you stop to avoid the caution and do not make contact or spin you will get your position back.
  3. Pace car will pick up field in turn 2. Pits are closed. Once you have followed the pace car under the flagstand the pits will be open next time by. Do not advance, enter pits when you reach pit road.


  1. Red Flags
  1. Stop as quickly and safely as possible. Pits are closed
  2. No working on car on track and no crew members allowed on track.
  3. When track is clear field will move under yellow and lineup will be corrected
  4. Penalty for pitting under red is restart at tail of the line. You must have permission from officials before moving to pit road.


  1. Restarts
  1. All restarts are double file
  2. At one to go all lap cars must drop behind lead lap cars.
  3. At one to go the leader can choose inside or outside everyone else double up inside/outside.
  4. The leader is the control car and restarts the race inside the box. If you jump the start or play games, you will be black flagged and must serve a pass thru penalty at pit road speed.
  5. Once pace car leaves the field, the front row should gradually increase speed without slowing back down until leader reaches the box. At no time should second be ahead of the leader. No swerving, brake checking, laying back, or games of any kind will be tolerated.


  1. Free Pass (In select races)
  1. The first car a lap down at the time of the caution will be eligible for the free pass.
  2. The free pass car can pit and still receive the wave around as long as they are back on track in time to receive the wave around.
  3. When told advance to the pace car and wait for race control to wave you by to make up a lap.
  4. In the interest of time race control can manually add the lap and have the free pass car drop to the tail.
  5. Free pass car must start at the tail of the field.
  6. If the eligible car is involved in or the cause of the caution, then there will not be a free pass given.
  7. There will be no free pass in the last 10 laps


  1. Finish
  1. Once the white flag is displayed we are coming to a checkered unless the track is blocked.
  2. If track is blocked, we will go red and revert to last lap. We will finish with a green/white/checkered.
  3. Top 3 to front straightaway for trophys and interviews.

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