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General / Race Procedures

General / Race Procedures



  1. All drivers are responsible for themselves and their crews conduct during a race event.
  2. Crewmen are not allowed on the racetrack at any time. We have safety and clean-up crews to handle the accidents. No crewman can come out to the front straight away wall to argue a call by the tower or pit steward.
  3. Pro Late Model and Super Late Model must go through tech before practice. Tires will be impounded and will be released before going through qualifying pre-tech.
  4. Concerning technical inspection: Tech inspector reserves the right to confiscate any race vehicle parts determined to be illegal.
  5. After an incident on the track, Drivers must remain in car until safety crew arrives. Driver should drop safety net to signal that they are OK. Drivers may exit the car in case of fire.
  6. All drivers must wear full fire suits, full face helmets, Fire retardant driving gloves when on track for practice, qualifying, Heat races and features. Head and neck restraints are required in Super Late Models, Pro Late Models and Open Wheeled Modifieds. Head and Neck Restraint Strongly recommended in all other divisions.
  7. Drivers may not switch driver after the start of a race.


  1. All local divisions must register with scoring at the tech shed for every event. Registration will close fifteen (15) minutes prior to the local division driver’s meeting. If you have not registered by that time, you will be put to the rear of the field for your heats (if applicable) or features. If your division is qualifying, you will be the first one to qualify.
  2. Some special events will require local divisions to run transponders. To receive a transponder, you must have a valid Driver’s License. We will hold your driver’s license until the transponder is returned at the conclusion of the race. TRANSPONDERS MUST BE ON FOR PRACTICE. You will be required to use an AMB clip or pouch to mount the transponder on your car. If you do not have one, they are $10 to buy, or may be borrowed for the event along with the transponder, but must be returned with the transponder.
  3. Pro Late Models, Super Late Models and Open Wheeled Modifieds qualifying order will be determined by drawing at the tech center before the driver’s meeting. To receive the transponder, you must have a valid Driver’s License. We will hold your driver’s license until the transponder is returned at the conclusion of the race. If you do not draw for qualifying before the driver’s meeting, you will be the first car to qualify.
  4. Divisions that get two timed laps. Once you have taken the white flag you have an official time, no re-qualifying. Non qualifiers will start on the rear.
  5. Some Divisions will heat race and some may qualify one lap.


  1. All Starts and re-starts will take place in the designated box coming out of turn 4.Flagman Starts the initial Start. The race leader (Control Car) starts all restarts in the starting box. Drivers firing before the box or before the leader are subject to a black flag and pass thru penalty. Failure to honor black flag and drive thru penalty will result in that car to be no longer scored. Leaders have the option of choosing inside or outside on restarts only. All other cars must start in their spot. All cars should stay in line until the green flag is displayed and you have crossed the start/finish. The leader must come to the start/finish line first. Cars that are not in line when the field rolls out on the track, for their event, will start on the rear.
  2. All Start and restarts will be double file. Flagman starts the race. Leader will start all restarts in starting box.


  1. Do not race back to the caution lap, hold your position on the track. All classes revert back to the last completed green lap for the restart line up.
  2. If the caution occurs before the first lap is completed, everyone will retain their original starting position unless they pit or received assistance from the safety crew.
  3. On the original Start of the race, if a car drops out or goes to the rear, the line will simply move forward. After one lap is complete, those involved in the cause of the caution as well as anyone who pits will restart on the rear of the double file restart.
  4. Red Flag, stop immediately… you will be directed by track officials on where to line up. You may pit under red flag conditions after track officials have indicated that it is safe to do so. Upon returning to the track, you will line up at the rear of field.
  5. No working on the car on the track. No crew members allowed on the track.


  1. When the caution comes out the field must line up behind the pace car and come past the start/finish line one time. As the field goes to the back strait away they will drop off from their position to pit road, not pulling to the inside.
  2. Pit road speed should be the speed of the pace car down the front straightaway. No passing or racing another car on pit road.


  1. If you stop on or near the racing surface to purposely cause a caution, you will receive a 2 lap penalty and you are not eligible for the next lucky dog.
  2. If there is a driver change that is not reported to an official before the cars take the track, all money and points will be forfeited for that race.
  3. If you are disqualified by the tech official, all money and points accumulated from that race will be forfeited.
  4. Three unassisted spins will disqualify you for the remainder of that event.
  5. All cars must keep up a reasonable speed or will be black flagged and sent to the pits.
  6. Any cars disqualified by tech officials will start on the rear of the heats or features in the next event that car competes in.


  1. Scoring of line scored races or transponder races cautions will go back to the last completed lap.
  2. No one can lose a lap under caution.
  3. Drivers that wish to go to the rear must go to their original starting position. On the pace lap, if you are on the outside, move to the outside, inside, move to the inside and then let the field come by you and take your position at the end of the field.
  4. Numbers on cars must be visible on both sides and able to be seen from the tower. Driver’s may be asked to outline their numbers if they are hard to read from the tower.


  1. Pole Sitter or winner of the first heat race will roll dice or select numbered hats or Frisbee’s to determine the race inversion.
  2. Previous race winner can start no better than 6th . Should a race winner miss the following race he will start the next race he attends 7th behind the previous winner.

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