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2017 Pro Trucks

2017 MMS Pro Trucks

Rules and Specifications                                                                                                                       Weight – All specified weight requirements will be with driver, fuel, oil and water prior to racing.                 1. Maximum allowable left side weight will be 57.0% of total weight with driver.                                             2. Minimum weight 2,900 pound with driver after race, one pound per lap will be deducted.                         3. Additional weight may be added in block form of no less than 5-pound blocks (no pellets). Added weight must be securely bolted in place. Dislodged weight cannot be returned to car for weighing after race. All added weight must be painted white with truck number painted in red or black. Any lost weight will result in a $10 per pound fine to the driver.

Interior:                                                                                                                                                            1. Truck interior must be complete and shield driver from ground, engine compartment and fuel cell area. Firewall must be no less than 24-gauge metal and fully seal driver from engine compartment.                                                                                                                                                     2. Master disconnect switch must be located on dash and easily accessible.                                                3. Quick release steering wheel is mandatory.                                                                                                 4. A window net must be installed in the left side door glass opening. The window net must be a rib type, made from nylon material with a minimum 1″ square opening between the ribs. All window nets must have quick release mechanism and be welded to roll cage.

Body:                                                                                                                                                                                           1. The truck body must be acceptable to Officials at all times. All body parts must have a Minimum clearance of 4″ prior to race with fuel, oil, and water, without driver. No truck will be allowed to start a race without a full body.                                                                                                                                            2. Bodies will be fiberglass or PVC (rubber) replicas of the standard cab. No carbon fiber parts allowed.       3. Approved bodies: 1997-2009 Chevrolet C10/ C1500/ Silverado, 1997-2009 Ford F-150, 1997-2009 Dodge Ram, 2004-2009 Toyota.                                                                                                                      4. Body must be mounted in the center of the frame and fit the 108-inch wheelbase of truck with wheels in center of wheel wells.                                                                                                                                      5. Minimum roof height must be 55 ½ “, measured from a point in the center of the roof 10” behind top of windshield.  Maximum height at rear of roof is 56″; maximum variance from a point 10″ behind windshield to rear of roof is ½”. Minimum rear deck height must be 36″, measured where rear deck meets the spoiler. Minimum window opening must be at least 16″.                                                                                              6. Body must maintain original configuration, size and shape.                                                                        7. Front and rear window opening must be covered with a minimum 1/8″ inch thick clear polycarbonate. Clear polycarbonate must cover entire opening and should follow the contours of the body.                    Clear polycarbonate (1/8″) side window vents are optional and cannot exceed 9″ in height. Rear triangle lexan maximum size 16” x 32” and straight.                                                                                                       8. Hoods must remain flat. Positive fasteners must be installed                                                                      9. Full rear deck coverings are mandatory and must completely cover the rear of body and flat. The rear half of the lid must be able to open for inspection purposes.                                                                            10. Front air dams must maintain original configuration and all body support brackets must be located inside the body structure.                                                                                                                                                        11. Rear spoiler is mandatory. Maximum 6” x 60”. No forward rudders or mounting brackets will be permitted. The maximum spoiler height is 44″ from the ground unless roof is higher than the minimum.

Engine:                                                                                                                                                            1. GM 88958602 or 19258602 Crate Motor Only and must run all GM specs as delivered from the manufacturer. Must have 1″ inspection plug in pan.                                                                                         2. Claimer rule on an engine is $3500.00 after the race, plus $500.00.                                                         Engines may be refreshed, but must retain all manufacturer’s specifications.                                       No reground cams. Maximum compression is 9.6.                                                                               Only drivers finishing the race, their crew chief or owner may claim a General Motors crate engine part # 88958602 or 19258602 from a driver finishing the race ahead of the claiming driver. The claim will be limited to one truck and must be made within 10 minutes after completion of the feature event with cash only to Chief Tech Inspector. Not included in the claim are carburetor, water pump, distributor, ignition, pulleys, plug wires, fuel pump, flywheel, pressure plate and clutch. A claim fee will not be accepted should Officials determine the claim fee has been made on someone else’s behalf or the fee is from more than one party. Failure to pull and sell a claimed engine will result in the driver in question forfeiting all purse and points for the event.

Carburetor:                                                                                                                                          Holley 650 HP 4150-80541four-barrel only. No alterations. No carburetor spacer permitted. Throttle linkage must have at least 2 return springs.

Ignition:                                                                                                                                                          1. Mandatory Crane Cams Ignition part # 6000-6701 only as produced from Crane. Mounted on right side of truck dials pointed out the passenger side on original plate. The mag positive & negative shall be a maximum length of 62 inches. Must remain uncut or spliced and on top of dash in clear view.                                                          2. Only one box will be permitted must be mounted on right side.                                                                                                                                                                          3. All wires must be exposed and in plain view and easily traced by tech officials.                                         4. 6200 maximum RPM limit.

Air Intake:                                                                                                                                                       1. Only round dry type paper element 14″-16″ in diameter, maximum 4″ in height may be used in air cleaner at all times.                                                                                                                                                      2. Element may not be sprayed or soaked with any type of chemicals or liquids.                                             3. All air shall be filtered through element.                                                                                                      4. Top of air cleaner must be solid, no holes.                                                                                                    5. It will be permitted to shield the front area of the air cleaner up to a maximum of one half the air cleaners’ diameter and not wider than the height of the air cleaner filter.                                                                       6. Top and bottom of the air cleaner housing must be the same diameter. A maximum of a 1″ lip from the air cleaner to the top and bottom edges of the air cleaner housing is permitted.                                            7. Nothing may direct or control the flow of air inside or outside of the air cleaner housing except the air cleaner element.


  1. Cowl induction, air ducts or baffles will not be permitted on or leading to the air cleaner.
  2. An opening 2.5″ x 20″ may be cut in the hood behind the carburetor with the back edge either meeting or a maximum of 1″ from the windshield.
  3. A fresh air deflector will be permitted and must be placed at the center of the leading edge of the windshield directly under the hood opening. The fresh air deflector must be made of aluminum and measure a maximum of 2″ down and 2″ forward by 20″ in width with square bends and no radius or air flow devices, end caps permitted no larger than 2″ by 2″.
  4. No sheet metal heat shields or any other type of hot air deflection device or air flow deflection device will be allowed past the backside of the radiator or in the engine compartment.


  1. Any type tubular header permitted must have single flange.
  2. Exhaust system must exit behind driver and out right side.
  3. No “X” pipes, “H” pipes, or balance tubes permitted. “Y” pipes permitted.
  4. Exhaust Pipes: The options listed below reflect MAXIMUM inside diameter.
  5. Absolutely no boom tubes permitted.

Fuel System/Cell:

  1. Maximum 22-gallon fuel cell must be must be mounted in steel container with a minimum of two protective bars made of 1″ square tubing, protection braces wrapping around fuel cell from front, underneath and to back of cell and a rear protection bar of 1.75″ tubing extending below the rear of frame and at least 1/2″ below the bottom of fuel cell to cover the width of the fuel cell. Fuel cell and steel container must be mounted in center of frame and behind centerline of rear axle. Fuel cell and container must have a minimum of 9 inches clearance from the ground.
  2. Fuel line must not run inside driver’s compartment. Only stock side block mounting mechanical pump permitted.
  3. No icing, Freon type chemicals or refrigerants may be used in or near the fuel system or engine compartment.
  4. Must use track fuel.
  5. OBERG Fuel Valve # SV-0828 Mandatory.

Cooling System:

  1. Only block mounted belt driven water pumps allowed.
  2. Water only must be used in the cooling system. Any driver found using unapproved coolants must pay a $100 fine before driver can compete.


Option #1

  1. Standard GM turbo 350 automatic transmissions allowed. Must have three forward gears and reverse. All gears must be working. Manual shift kits permitted. Reverse shift patterns permitted.
  2. OEM type torque converters may be used. NO hollow converters allowed. Minimum ten-inch torque converters permitted. No exterior valve mechanism or band adjusters allowed.
  3. Transmission coolers permitted. All cooling lines must be steel braided with screw in fittings. No rubber hoses or clamps allowed.

Option #2

  1. Standard 3-speed or 4-speed OEM or OEM-style synchronized manual transmission with non-splined clusters allowed. No straight-cut gears allowed.
  2. No gun-drilled main shafts.
  3. No internal clutch-type transmissions allowed. Must have external clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel assembly.
  4. Transmission must have at minimum two (2) forward and one (1) working reverse gear.
  5. No overdrive or under driven transmissions permitted. High gear must be 1 to 1 and no other gear may have a ratio higher than 1.20 to 1.
  6. No Rankin-type or cluster-disconnect transmissions allowed.

Clutch & Flywheel

  1. Standard OEM or OEM-type clutch, pressure plate, steel flywheel, and throw-out bearing permitted.
  2. Clutch discs and spacers must be steel. Multiple disc clutches with steel floaters and pressure plates permitted, minimum 7 1/4″ in diameter. Solid magnetic steel clutches and pressure plates only. Clutches must be positive engagement design.  Slider or slipper clutch designs are not permitted.  No carbon fiber clutches. Drive Shaft:
  3. Drive shafts and universals must be of similar design standard production type and must be made of steel. Minimum 3” diameter. Minimum one 360° loop of 1 inch by 1/8 steel secured to cross member or chassis. Drive shaft must be painted white with truck number painted in red or black.


  1. GM metric frame only may be used. 1978-87 Chevrolet Malibu, Monte Carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass, or Buick Regal. Frames must retain original 108-inch wheelbase. Maximum allowable difference from side to side is 1 inch. Frame may be fabricated from 6″ off the centerline or rear axle to rear of truck and from front sway bar forward. No under slung rear chassis’s allowed. Holes may not be cut to lighten frame. Frame may be X’d. Frames may not be narrowed. Front cross member must remain original and, may not be notched, narrowed, cut or otherwise altered except for may have the front horn cut off for clearance of the drag link only. Minimum ground clearance, prior to race with fuel, oil and water, without driver, is 6″.

Roll Cage:

  1. Officials must approve roll cage designs. Round steel tubing 1.750″ OD round tubing by .090″ minimum wall thickness must be used to construct roll cage. Roll cage should be box type with a cross support in the back and a minimum 9″ upright support at the left front support.
  2. Left door must have a minimum of three bars in (four recommended) and must have 1/16″ minimum steel plate from frame to top door bar.

Engine Placement:

  1. Engine must be centered between frame rails. Engine must be installed in its original position. No setbacks permitted. No torque plates permitted.


  1. 15″ steel racing wheels only, maximum rim width 8″, and maximum offset difference of 2″. Air bleeders not permitted. Hubs must have 5/8″ wheel studs. All wheels must have truck number on wheels.


  1. Designated Hoosier only. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event and all track points for the year. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete at Speedway. Any illegal tire, in the judgment of Officials, will be confiscated.
  2. Front and rear tread width is 63″ with referee.


  1. Front suspension components must remain stock for original frame used.
  2. Aftermarket tubular upper A-Arms with any ball joint, and bolting directly to OEM spindles may be used.
  3. OEM heavy-duty spindles (i.e. Impala, Truck, etc.) allowed and must mount in stock locations.
  4. No steel sleeves permitted over spindle. No offset or dropped spindles permitted.
  5. Lower control arms cannot be shortened or otherwise altered. May have either steel (monoballs ok) or rubber bushings only.
  6. Front sway bar must be one-piece. (Maximum diameter of 1.375″).
  7. Coil springs may be replaced but must mount in OEM stock locations on lower A-Frame and rear axle.
  8. Minimum front spring rate must be no less than 500 lbs at any time. Spring rate is subject to inspection after the event.
  9. Absolutely no bump-stops, coil binding, or chassis stops of any type. Will be checked by putting front tires on ½” blocks and cross member on the ground.
  10. Only one shock permitted per wheel. All shocks must be steel, non-adjustable. Claim rule will be $175.00 per shock. (Shock must be claimed within ten (10) minutes of completion of Victory Lane ceremonies, in cash, presented to the Head Tech Official.)
  11. No coil over shocks or coil over converted shocks permitted, or remote reservoir shocks. No threaded body or cups.
  12. Rear shocks must mount in stock location on rear axle. Coil spring rubber inserts permitted. No leaf springs or torsion bars permitted. All bushings must be of OEM or OEM-type dimensions. Rear sway bar permitted, but must be OEM stock bar. Must use stock type bushings.


  1. Steering box may not be removed from factory location.
  2. Original OEM steering must be used. Pitman arm and idler arm must be of original GM type used with this frame or stock aftermarket replacement.
  3. Adjustable center link and steel Heim-type tie rod ends permitted.

Rear End:

Option #1:

  1. Original 10 bolt GM rear end permitted. Any ring and pinion ratio permitted. Welded spider gears, full steel spools, steel mini spools, and steel Detroit locker rear ends permitted.
  2. Rear trailing arms must mount in original brackets and in original holes in frame. Steel Heim joints permitted. Absolutely no aluminum trailing arms permitted. No cambered rear ends permitted.

Option #2:

  1. Ford 9” rear end permitted. Must be all-steel housing, no aluminum center section permitted.
  2. Absolutely no internal oil cooler pump permitted.
  3. Any ring and pinion ratio permitted. Lightweight ring and pinion allowed.
  4. No aluminum carriers or aluminum pinion bearing retainers allowed.
  5. Only steel full spools, steel mini spools, and steel Detroit locker rear ends permitted.
  6. Floater rear ends permitted. Bolt-on snouts and gun-drilled axles permitted.
  7. Absolutely no aluminum, titanium or exotic metals permitted in any rear-end components.
  8. Rear trailing arms must mount in original brackets and in original holes in frame. Steel Heim joints permitted. Absolutely no aluminum trailing arms permitted.
  9. No cambered rear ends permitted.


  1. Front brakes must use original OEM appearing calipers.
  2. If heavy-duty hubs or rotors are used, they must bolt directly to OEM spindle and use OEM appearing caliper. No adapters are permitted.
  3. Rear brakes must use OEM or OEM replacement components and any hubs or heavy-duty replacement hubs must attach to OEM axle and backing plate.
  4. Rear disc brakes allowed.
  5. No aluminum brake rotors or drums allowed. Aluminum rotor hat permitted. Brakes must function on all four wheels.
  6. No scalloped brake rotors permitted.

PROTESTS 1. Only Drivers may protest. Protesting drivers and protested trucks must have finished in the top five and be on the lead lap. 2. All protests must receive approval from the Tech Director. Spite protests and unsportsmanlike-like protests will not be accepted. 3. All protests must be submitted to Tech Director in writing within 10 minutes of the feature race completion, and be accompanied by $250 CASH per item $1000.00 CASH for bottom end. The track will retain 25% of protest money the driver who wins the protest will receive the other 75%. Driver can only protest three times in one season and must wait three weeks before protesting again. 4. If another illegal item is discovered while looking for the protested item, then the protested car will be declared illegal. We will still look for the protested item. 5. Drivers or trucks found illegal forfeit all points and money earned for the entire race meet. 6. Refusal to comply with a protest or to tear down when instructed by Technical Director will result in a fine equal to protest amount, an automatic two race suspension and loss of points and money earned for the event. Upon returning to competition the driver must agree to tear down after racing events for free.

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