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Tech Process

Technical Inspection Process & Guidelines

Pre‐Practice Tech
1. Teams must identify their crew chief (or their designee) with officials for the purposes of discussion of any issues at each tech station.
2. Tech will consist of four (4) areas – safety, templates, referee, and scales.
3. All cars must go through Pre‐Practice Tech before practice on the day of the race. (Practice day tech
may be used as Pre‐Practice Tech if tech is being done on a practice only day.)
4. Any infractions found during Pre-Practice Tech must be resolved before practice ends. Once the Tech line is open for Pre-Qualifying Tech the only activity in the Tech line will be Pre-Qualifying Tech.
5. Any issue that is discovered in Pre‐Practice Tech that is not fixed to officials’ satisfaction by Pre‐ Qualifying Tech will result in the loss of one qualifying lap.

Pre‐Qualifying Tech
1. Once cars enter the first tech station, cars may not be lifted, tugged, or adjusted in any manner. A One lap penalty may be enforced.
2. All cars should not have any more than 30lbs of air in right side and 20lbs in left side tires as it comes through tech. Tires may not be altered in any fashion, scuffing, chemicals, cleaners and or any other method. All tires will be put on in the tech line.
3. Any infraction found while going through Pre-Qualifying tech, that had not already been identified in Pre-Practice Tech see #5 above, will have one (1) attempt to repair or a one lap penalty will be assessed.
4. Tape and air pressure are the only changes that can be made to the car after Pre‐Qualifying Tech.
5. Generators will be permitted after ALL cars have cleared qualifying tech unless told differently During the drivers’ meeting (due to space and time).

Post‐Qualifying Impound
1. After qualifying all cars will go to a designated impound area and remain untouched until 15 minutes prior to going to the grid. If a car is touched or needs to be taken from the impound area for any reason there will be a one lap penalty accessed and that car will not be eligible for the Free Pass during the first 25 green flag laps.
2. If anything safety related happens during qualifying officials reserve the right to let teams fix that item.
3. Driver must exit the car with whatever he needs from the car and leave impound area and no crew members are allowed in impound until 15 minutes prior to going to the grid.
4. The only changes allowed are air pressure, tape on the nose and driver aids which will be done 15 minutes prior going to grid. No jacking of the car will be permitted.
5. If a team desires to make changes to their car prior to the green flag, they may do so by having the driver bring the car to pit road after the field is rolling behind the pace car. The car will forfeit its starting position and take up the tail end of the field.

Post‐Race Tech
1. The Top 3 Cars must stop on the front‐stretch. Cars will be held there until further direction from Officials. While held there, only tape may be removed, tire temperatures and air pressures checked. Driver must stay with car at all times until cleared by officials to leave. Officials may direct team to effect other changes that may cause safety issues.
2. Post race tech will consist of checking total weight and left side weight and any other items chosen by the officials.
3. Teams must take any and all measures to comply with officials requests. Failure to do so will be deemed as an admission of guilt and result in a technical disqualification.

(All Aspects of these Procedures are Subject to Adjustments or Changes as Deemed Necessary by Officials)

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